Quality assurance through total quality management
Quality assurance starts from the purchase of best quality raw materials passed through raw material standardization. Standard production procedures observing GMP Guide Lines and in process analysis and finished product standardization.

GLP is implemented

  • Qualified and experienced personnals work in the Lab
  • Written standard operation procedures is adopted.
  • Table top SOP’s  for each equipment help to avoid lapses during the process of standardization and to implement Good Laboratory Practice.
Pharmacognosy Lab
Identification of raw materials of Herbal original is being done using Pharmacognosical studies
Chemical Analysis Lab
Chemical analysis, Distillation, Ashvalue determination, Synthesis etc. of raw materials and finished products are being carried out here.

Instrumental Lab
Sophisticated equipments like Double Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Polarimeter, Refractometer, Moisture analyzer etc.  are used for the standardization purpose.

Spectrophotometer Polarimeter Refractometer Moisture analyzer
Spectrophotometer Polarimeter Refractometer Moisture analyzer

Raw Material standardization

Quarantine facility is available for raw materials.  All the Crude drugs including Plants, Animals, Minerals and other raw materials such as Extra Neutral Alcohol, Sugar of Milk, Cane Sugar, White Petroleum Jelly etc. and all the packing materials (Bottles, Plastic containers, Carton boxes etc) are being tested before manufacturing. 

In-process analysis

Samples are collected from the manufactury before the completion of the manufacturing process so that any variation in the quality can be assessed and appropriate alterations can be made to avoid rejection of the finished product.